Koller Craft South is committed to manufacturing and quality excellence. Koller Craft South’s company culture is founded on the principles of quality and continuous improvements. Zero defects, six sigma quality, cost-effective production and customer partnerships for life are the ultimate objectives for Koller Craft South. With stringent quality control systems meeting ISO 9001-02, MIL, UL, CSA and TUV standards, we are capable of integrating various levels of subassemblies into higher level assemblies or finished products which meet customer specifications. Koller-Craft South’s testing capabilities are incorporated into assembly processes to verify finished products to meet customer specifications and standards.

Koller Craft South was Awarded the 2017 Kasai Supplier Quality Assurance Excellence Award 

Raving Fans

A “Raving Fan” is:

A major customer, so impressed and pleased with the products and/or service that we provide to them, that it becomes a natural response to refer our company to others.

Creating a “Raving Fan” is:
Intentionally exceeding Customer’s expectations.

CARE Strategy

Continuously stay in touch with our Customers
Appreciate our Customers and their ongoing business
Respond to all Customer’s requests in a timely manner
Earn our Customer’s respect by “doing it right the 1st time”