Koller Enterprises Incorporated (KEI) includes:

- Churchill Container

- Koller-Craft Plastic Products

- Koller-Craft South

- Koller Retail Products

- SLP Lighting

Koller-craft south plantWelcome to Koller-Craft South

Koller-Craft South was established April 1, 2013 with Koller Enterprises Inc. purchase of Mid-South Industries in Gadsden, Alabama. Strategically located in the Southeast with easy access to the Interstate Highway System. Koller-Craft South is successfully supplying high quality and competitive prices to our customers.  Our parts and assemblies are currently included on Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Ford and Hyundai / KIA automobiles.  Our non-automotive commercial parts, assemblies and complete Box Build products can be found in North American major retailers and on-line; Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Koller-Craft South works hard to understand our customer’s needs, with satisfaction of those needs as our number one priority.

Our Vision

We succeed by helping our customers succeed

Our Mission

Create value for our Shareholders, Customers, Owners, Employees, and Suppliers – by partnering with our customers to provide exceptional
manufacturing solutions.

Our Values